Computing - Mrs Meares

One of the first things I did as computing lead was put in place an exciting Computing Scheme of work which served the needs of our pupils at Terling. We decided to go with Purple Mash which parents can use at home too. If you need to know your child’s Purple Mash log in, let us know! It has been great when we were home learning because work was able to be set as a ‘2do’ and it provides really engaging and easy to follow Computing lessons. We now have more than 15 laptops in school thanks to an incredible donation from a resident in Terling. This means a class can be taught computing all at the same time. Our intent for computing, what we want our children to achieve is: 
•    Competence in coding for a variety of practical and inventive purposes, including the application of ideas within other subjects.
•    The ability to connect with others safely and respectfully, understanding the need to act within the law and with moral and ethnic integrity.
•    An understanding of the connected nature of devices.
•    The ability to communicate ideas well by using applications and devices throughout the curriculum.
•    The ability to collect, organise and manipulate data defectively.
I am introducing Digital Leaders this half term who will have the responsibility for setting up laptops, raising the profile of Computing at school, reviewing apps and software and making recommendations, reporting broken or malfunctioning equipment and feeding into whole school decisions about the future development of technology. I also hope to start an after school Coding Club so look out for details! 


RE - Mrs Partridge

In RE we are now using the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus, which we are all excited about because it involves a three pronged focus on religious education at Terling. We approach each ‘Big Question’ through the lenses of theology, philosophy and, human and social sciences. 
During Autumn term, KS1 are answering the questions:
How did the Universe come to be? 
How do festivals bring us together?
While KS2 are investigating:
What is the Bible and how do people interpret it?
How do/have Christians contributed to society and culture?
We have a brand new worship committee that are tasked with helping to organise daily assemblies and we are very excited to be meeting as a whole school again. We will also be attending church again for our Harvest Festival and Christmas services, which gives each class the opportunity to present poems, readings and songs for their families and the wider community.


PE - Mr Sime

I cannot tell you how excited I am to have all the children back in school, able to mix in their play and lunchtimes - which is so important when promoting active and healthy lifestyles - and the prospect of internal and external sports competitions.

This half term we have kicked the school year off - literally - with football. In EYFS our focus is on 'Using a ball', with our children learning how to send and receive a ball with increasing confidence and control, developing co-ordination when steering, bouncing or kicking a ball and showing an awareness of space and sharing space safely. In KS1 and 2, we are building on these skills and on prior knowledge to take part in small games and matches, making strategic decisions and gaining an understanding on how to plan and use tactics.

This month we have joined 'The Children's Health Project' which will help us offer our pupils a refreshed and up to date view on living a healthy lifestyle. We will be introducing the children to the four pillars of health which will inform and be seen in all aspects of school life from PE and PSHE to Science, Art and DT: Healthy Eating, Healthy Thoughts, Healthy Habits and Healthy Movement. We will be launching this in school fully in the coming months.

Careful spending of our Sports Premium Funding has hugely improved the standard and variety of our sports equipment and our future plans will improve that further with improvements to our outside space. We have a very exciting - active and healthy - year ahead of us!



Maths - Ms Bacon

We have now been back to school a few weeks and our mathematical thinking is flourishing in Terling!  The children in Taylors have been accessing the Maths area, playing with 3D shapes and singing counting songs.  Sandypits, Leylands and Fardings have all been getting to grips with place value and have either just moved on to Addition and Subtraction or are just about to.  The children’s learning is supported by the CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach to Maths, which means that the children use concrete objects, pictures and diagrams, as well as digits to show their understanding.  Our children are also expected to explain the strategies they have used and prove they have found the correct answer. 
We need your help!  We aim to teach our pupils about the importance of Maths in everyday life.  It is so important that our pupils understand the important role Maths plays in our lives, both at school and out in the world.  Please try to talk to your child about how we use addition and subtraction in everyday activities, for example counting out coins to pay in shops, working out how much change is needed, looking at till receipts, etc.
We have introduced a new weekly certificate, which will celebrate hard work and/or effort: Mathematician of the Week.  James and Nicky in Year 6 are also now running a KS2 Times Table Rock Star Club every Friday, at which children can practise their times tables.
As October is Black History Month, I thought I would take this opportunity to celebrate an inspirational mathematician.

Majorie Lee Browne 1914-1979

From an early age, Majorie Lee Browne was a mathematician at heart. She loved it because it was challenging and made her think. In the 1940s, it was unusual for a black woman to study Maths at University but she loved maths and wanted to learn more. She is known for involvement in helping to inspire more black women to become involved in STEM (Science, technology, engineering and maths). She inspired confidence in young mathematicians.

Art - Mrs V


You don’t have to go far in school to see the incredible art work that we produce in Terling! Past the library you can see the detailed tapestry made in Leylands and the brightly coloured name tags of Fardings.  Through the hall you see a range of autumn inspired art in Taylors room and very accurate self-portraits in Sandypits class.  The range of art on display is fantastic and the  children’s enjoyment in creating that work is evident.  Now for a closer look at what’s been happening in our classrooms: 
Taylors have been exploring the changes that Autumn bring, and have used leaves, carrots and conkers to paint and create.  They have also been developing their pencil control when colouring.   
The children in Sandypits have been exploring and learning about the artist Pablo Picasso. Excitingly, next week they will be completing their art spotlight on Picasso by spending the day planning and producing their own cubism work inspired by him using their knowledge of the colour wheel whilst also celebrating his 140th birthday!  
Leylands have been going back in time to investigate Egyptian art!  The children have looked closely at the surviving wall art, and from that have learnt about Egyptian living.  They have also looked at and had a go at writing using hieroglyphics!   
Fardings have also been travelling back in time to the Greek period!  They have explored Greek pottery and the detailed art that can be seen on them.  Next week, they will be using tools to carve and add shapes, texture and pattern to their own clay pots. 
Finally, next week we will be having a school focus for Black History Month.  All classes will learn about the artist William H Johnson.  He produced very eye-catching, bold, colourful and fun art.  As well as  making art inspired by him, we will also learn about his life.  We look forward to displaying the children’s art in the library!