Mission Statement

Our school is a safe, nurturing environment, underpinned by our Christian foundation and community links.

We aim to encourage a love of learning through a broad, balanced and creative curriculum and to support every child in fulfilling their potential. 

An enriched learning experience prepares our children to face the future with confidence and enthusiasm to mature as responsible, independent and interdependent young people.

School Aims

  • To acquire and develop an understanding and knowledge of Christianity.
  • An embedded culture of hope, truth, respect, friendship and responsibility.
  • Acquire and develop knowledge of and respect for the principal religions represented in Great Britain, with particular attention to Judaism and Islam.
  • Developing a positive sense of moral responsibility and self-discipline.
  • To help children develop their own beliefs, ideas and attitudes.
  • A progressive, inclusive and creative curriculum set within the context of the moral, spiritual, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils.
  • To bring about self-awareness of thoughts, feelings, emotions, responsibilities and experiences and develop self-respect.
  • Learning to live together in a community showing sensitivity towards one another.
  • To provide a stimulus for expressing innermost thoughts.
  • To help children deal with feelings and emotions.
  • Developing the whole child as an individual who is created in God’s image.